Sunday, November 18, 2007

Soprts car: Audi R8

R8 was introduced in 2007. This car is based on Lamborghini car, Gollardo. And this car is the road car verson of the race car R8. It uses 4.2 leter V8 engine, so it's powerful. The engine bring the car 420 horsepower. The engine is in the mid of the car. R8's length is about 4431 mm, the width is about 1904 mm, and the height is about 1249 mm. It's weight is about 1560 kg. That's very light, so the car can dirve from 0 to 100 about 4.4 seconds. Its top speed is about 301 kph. Isn't
that pretty fast?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

What's F1

F1(Formula One) is a race. This race is a high speed racing. Most of the cars drive about 300 k.p.r. To make this kind of car, needs lots of technique. So F1 is a performce of the manufacture's technique. F1 dirves in
many country, but the most is in Europe. Formula One
continuation its roots in the European Grand Prix Motor Racing of the 1920s and 1930s. Today, there
are many car factory join the Formula racing. They are
Ferrari, Toyota, McLaren, Honda, BMW Saucer, Renault, Red Bull, Williams, Midland F1/Spyker-MF1, Toro Rosso, and Super Aguri. They show their technique on the cars, and make advertisings on
the cars.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Luxury SUV : Q7

Q7 is Audi's luxury SUV. It was shown at the Los Angles Show, 2006. The car has the famous Audi engine, TDI. It has two verson. One has a 4.2 letre engine, and the other is 3.6 letre engine verson. It is so powerful. It is a seven-seats car. The name's "Q" is use for a model's name. Audi uses the letter "Q" for the designation of their quattro all wheel dirve system used in production cars for over twenty-five years. This car is a safety car. It gets four
(The picture is from
stars out of five in the EuroNCAP crash test. I think Audi do their best on this car.