Friday, March 28, 2008

Chapter XI

Suddenly, they saw a strange person on the street. The person was covered with hair and woren on a cloak. "What a furry thing. It's furrier than the rabbits in where we used to live. "said Ding Ding. "Yes, and it's also bigger. "said LaLa. "You're very impolite. I'am a human. You can't compare humans to other animals, even to the most similiar cearture to us humans. "said the furry thing.

"Excuse me, who are you? "said Leon. "Me? I am the most famous person in the wizard world. I am the Hairy Potter. "said the thing. "Indeed, you are really Hairy. "said Paul. "I never heard the wizard world and Hairy before. What reason do you come to us humans' world? " asked Leon. "What did you say? "said Potter. "I said, why you come to us humans' world? "repeated Leon. "Oh, the greatest wizard, Jessus, has gave me a mission. He tell me to find a man called Leon and cooperate with him to fight the evil wizard. "replied Potter.

"I'm the Leon you need to find, but who is the evil wizard? "asked Leon. "Oh, you're the Leon. Let's find a place to sit and I'll explain the whole thing to you. "said Potter.

They soon arrived a cafe. They ordered two cups of coffee and four cups of juice. "It cost one thousand. "said the waiter. "What? Six drinks cost one thousand? I've never heard this before! "cried Leon. "OK, I can handle this. "said Potter. He went out and grabbed some leaves. Then, strange thing happened. The leaves began to turn into cash. "OK, here is one thousand. "said Potter. "Good. Have a nice day with your drinks. "said the waiter in a smile.

"Amazing! How can you do that? "cried Leon. "Never mind. Let's started. "said Potter.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chapter X

" Don't make my house dirty, "said Leon. "OK. We promise, "said the Teletubbies. They climb the wall and went up to the roof. "Hey, that's dangerous, "cried Leon. "But it's also fun. You can even jump here. "said Paul. Then he jumped. The house shook and the roof fell. "We're sorry. " they said. "If you can't fix this, go out of here! "yelled Leon.

"OK. Let me help you, "said LaLa. She touched her antenna and a ray shot out. The ray hit the roof and it started to fly. It flew above the house and returned where it was. "How can you do that? "said Leon. "LaLa has a special power which can make items fly. We all have different talent of powers, "said Ding Ding. "Oh, I see, "Leon said. "Maybe you can help me. Come in. You can sleep with me. " "Actually, we don't sleep. We just rest, "Dissy said. "But rest and sleep mean the same thing, "said Leon. "Not for us, "said Paul. "OK, how do you rest? "said Leon. "Like this " they all said.

They jumped high and fell down in head. The antenna jabbed into the ground. "Hey, you broke my floor. That cost me five hundred dollars. You must pay, "siad Leon. No one answered. Leon was so mad but could do nothing. He went to bed and slept. A moment later, the Teletubbies were woken. They sang loudly. "Can't you stop singing? "shouted Leon. "OK, we will rest again. " Then, with a loud sound, the house silented. "Damn, "said Leon, "Four more holes in my floor. "

The second day came. Leon woke up first. The Teletubbies were still resting. "You wicked things, wake up! "shouted Leon. "Fix the floor or I'll kill you. " "OK, "said Ding Ding. He touch his antenna and a ray shot out. When the ray hit the floor, it became what it seemed before. "So, let me guess. Ding Ding can make the thing what it was before. " "Indeed, clever Leon. "said LaLa. "Let's leave here and go out to see what will happen today, "said Leon. They went out and noticed everything.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chapter IX

Leon looked at the cold bodies. The teenagers just lay on the ground. He began to walk away. The situation was so cruel to him. He took off the diaper and returned home. He slept in a minute.

The sun shone in the sky. The second day came. He woke up. He wore his diaper on and did what he used to do. He flew to the air and saw what happened down. Suddenly, he saw four strange people on the grass. Actually, they were not people. They had an antenna on each's head. They had a screen on each's tommy. Their color were purple, green, yellow, and red. Leon was interested in that. He flew down to see what are they.

Leon came near them. They suddenly woke up. Leon was shocked. The four people said, " Hello! We're Teletubbies. Would you want a hug? " The four strangers hug Leon in their arms. The red one said, " I'm Paul. The yellow one is La La, the green one is Dissy, the purple one is Ding Ding. We're friends. " " What do you do? " said Leon. " We're Kansas's pet. He commanded us go to the humans' world and help a person called Leon. "Ding Ding said, " Do you know a person who name Leon? " Ding Ding took out a photo of Leon's face.

"It's me! " Leon replied. "Excuse me, what did you said? "La La asked. "I'm the person who named Leon. Don't you see my face? " "Actually, we could only see a diaper on your head. "Dissy said. "Oh, sorry. how about this? " Leon said this and took off his diaper. The Teletubbies looked at his face and stared at the photo.

"Oh, you're the Leon! " they cried. "Yes, I'm. You've been seeing the photo for an hour. That's so ridiculous. " "Never mind. Do you want a hug? " The Teletubbies hugged him again. "Can I don't carry you home? " Leon asked. "No, you may not. You must live with us. Hug again? " Ding Ding said. "No, thanks. It's enough. "Leon said. "Oh, come on. Don't be shy. "Dissy said. They hugged Leon one more time.

Leon walked home with them and they hugged Leon all the way home.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Chapter VIII

"Me? " the man replied, " I'm the death. I'm here for taking their life. Their destiny is going to die. All of them must die here today. " " How can you do this? You can't make someone die without murder them yourself. "Leon said. "It doesn't work on me. " he took out a strange book and wrote the word " Jim " on it. Then, one of the teenager's knife flew into the air and stabbed into the teenager's head.

"Oh my god! " Leon cried when he saw this happened. The teenager fell down and lay on the ground. He didn't wake up anymore. "See, " the death said. "Okay, if you really want to do this, I must stop you. No one would die in this place! " Leon shouted. " Just you? Only one person can save the others? It's so rediculous. Let me see how you rescue them. " " Sure, " Leon rushed in them and threw their weapons away. He also put the teenagers away from the others. The fight was finished. No one was dead except the boy who named Jim.

"You're not able to do this. Destiny is destiny. It will change nomore. " The death wrote down the other name " Bill " on the book. A boy who was put in the garbage can died 'cause the stink. " Don't do it any more, "Leon cried. But the death didn't pay attention to what he'd said. He wrote down " Charlie ", too. A boy in the sewer was eaten by rats and crocoroach. "I told you stop! "Leon yelled angrily. He flew to the death and hit him. The death flew away when Leon came. " I told you the destiny won't change, didn't I? " said the death in a strange smile.

He then wrote down the names " Sam ", " Dennis ", and " David " at the same time. The other alive boys started to run. They ran together and crashed the wall in their head. They all died. "Oh, I miss one. " He wrote down the name " John " at last. The boy picked up a feather and made himself itchy. He died in a loud laugh.

" I gonna kill you this beast. " Leon tried to kick him but couldn't. " It's too bad. There is no your name. You won't die today."

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chapter VII

He quickly flew home. He flew to the window and climbed in. He was glad to went home because when he returned, he could take off the diaper and be a normal person. But, he could just stay home and do nothing. His car didn't finish maintain and he had no entertainment to take. He flet so boring so he layed on his bed. He felt asleep.....

When he woke up, it was morning. Everything was new. He walked down the street and went into a store. He bought his breakfast and newspapers. When he looked at the front page of the newspaper, he was shocked. The title said, " Hero Or Bawdy Man, " and he read the detail, " Yesterday morning, a man had saved a child. The child said, ' Yesterday when I was playing on the railway, the train was coming. I was scared. I tired to run, but I fell. Then, a strange man who wore a diaper on his head flew to me and pushed me away. He was a hero. " Leon was glad that someone thanked him, and he read more, " But when the police came, the hero had turned into a bawdy man. The police said, " I saw a man who wore a diaper on his head was lying on the railway. When he woke up, he was bareness. It is act of gross indenecy, so I must arrest him. But he quickly flew away. I can only put him on a wanted list. "

When Leon finished reading this, he was more shocked. He hurried to the nearest police station to see if he is on a wanted list. He arrived there soon. He carefully read all the wanted list. He couldn't find his name. Then a police came. He ripped the wanted list and sticked a new one on the wall. Leon saw his name now. He costed ten dollars. He couldn't saved the world anymore. He walked home in sadness. He sat on a chair. Suddenly, he had a good idea. He could just appear at night. That would let nobody see his face or clothes. He thought he was very intelligent.

Soon, the sun disappeared. Leon wore on his diaper and left. He flew into the sky to see what happened down. He saw a bunch of teenagers were fighting by knives. He quickly landed beside them. Suddenly, a man who wore in black came. "What are you going to do? " asked Leon, "Who are you?"