Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chapter IV

"Because the diaper is so stinky. I can't stand the smell so I swooned." Leon said. "Really? Let me try it. "Kansas took the diaper in front of his nose. He also couldn't stand the smell and nearly fell down. "Oh, I see. Maybe the last master didn't wash it for a long time. Go back to your world and wash it. "After he was finished, he returned Leon the diaper. Then, Leon woke up. He was still in the hospital. The diaper was on his head.

"Yucky! What a smelly diaper! " he cried. He took it off his head. The doctor came in again. "Leon, you can leave the hospital in two weeks." the doctor said. "That's a good news. Thanks," said Leon.

After two weeks passed, Leon was out of the hospital. The first thing he needed to do is washing the diaper. He sent it to a laundry and washed it. Then he took it and put it on his nose. "It smells good now, " said Leon. On the way home, he saw many robbers were robbing the bank. "It's time for me to save people, " he thought. Then, he went into a phone booth and wore the diaper on his head. He felt lots of power filled his body. He became a superman.

When the robbers took the money and began to drive over, Leon blocked their way. "Put down the money and the guns!" he cried.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chapter III

He was so glad. "The god said I was the warrior, and I have a lot of power," he said. He took off the diaper and started to stand up, but he couldn't. He was so weak. His heart was beating slowly. A doctor came in the ward and said," you are weak now. Don't try to stand up. You would die if you move. It's serious." "Why I am so weak?" Leon asked. "I am a healthy person. " "As we found you, you had a deep cut in your arm. Didn't you remember this? Maybe you have tried to suicide," the doctor answered.

Leon began to think. He tried to recall what has happened. "Yes," he cried, "I've tried to suicide. It's so rediculous. Life is good." "Yes," said the doctor, "death is worse than everything. Living is the best thing in your life." And he walked away.

Suddenly, Leon heard a loud scearm. He saw many doctors and nurses ran through the hallway. After them, was a man with a big knife. At that moment, he knew what he should do. He quickly wore on the diaper on his head. Then, he felt his strengh was great. He thought he becomes a super man.

But when he noticed on the man, he swooned. He was in the shiny place again. " Why you are here again?" cried Kansas angrily.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Chapter II

He opened the store's door and started to pick something. "Knife," he said. He found the knife and paid for it. He was glad that he had a knife to suicide.

Then, he returned home and played the knife. He was happy. He saw his face in the knife blade. He thought the reflaction of his face said," you did a good job. It's time to end yourself." After the idea, he started to use the kinfe stabbing himself. He didn't feel any pain. He was bleeding but he was happy. He felt asleep, so he slept.

A moment later, he woke up. He saw a shiny man. "If I didn't forget, you should be Leon," the man said. " Why you can know my name?" Leon asked. "Who are you?" "Me?" the man replied. " I'm Jesus's brother, Kansas. My brother Jesus told me to meet you. He commanded me to give you this." He threw a thing to Leon's face. "What's this?" asked Leon. "It's a super diaper." Kansas said," If you wear this, you can have a lot of power."

"Really?" Leon asked. He wore on the diaper quickly. Nothing happened. "It's no used. You are a liar." cried Leon. Kansas said," no, I didn't lied. It just work in danger, plus you didn't wear it in the right side. You must wear it on your head. Now, you can return to your world. Don't forget,
you are a warrior. You must punish the crime and uphold the justice."

Leon woke up. He was in the hospital. "Was it a dream?" he thought. Suddenly, he saw he was wore on a diaper.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chapter I

Driving the car was Leon's job. Leon started his job as a taxi driver today. He was heavyhearted because he had owed a lot of money. The salary of driving taxi couldn't afford his life. He was a poor backbreaker.

One day, he saw a man. The man seemed so familiar to him. The man came to Leon's taxi and said," can you carry me to the Centrel Park?" After he spoke, Leon knew who was that. The voice was his classmate in the elemtary school. He felt so embrassing so he drove away. Suddenly, he was so sad that he had no money but a bad job.

He drove and drove. He turned on the radio and heard a news. It said," in today morning, an old man called Zack has suicied. He jumped down from the roof. Now the police is finding the man's family. If you know him, please called us. The number is," Leon turn off the radio. He had an idea. "Death," he said. Then, he drove to a store happily.