Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chapter XVIII

"It's not true. "said Paul, "You can't be unbeatable. " "Really? Are you joking? Didn't you see what happens? "said Satan. "Yes, I did, but I have my special power. " "What is your power? Your friends' power can't hurt me. How can you beat me? " asked Satan. "Well, I can take off someone's clothes, including the diaper which is on Leon's head. "said Paul. "No, you can't do this. I must use his body to exist in the human's world. Don't do it, " while Satan was saying this, Paul touched his antenna. A ray shot from his antenna and floated toward Satan. Satan tried to escape, but it was too late. The ray hit his chest and the diaper dropped.

Leon fell and lay there. The dark diaper flew and landed. It began brighten. It returned as pure as it was before. Satan was out, out of the human's world. The disaster was over. None would be hurt again. It was a peace world.

"Are you okay? " Ding Ding asked Leon. Leon was silence because he was not able to speak. He even can't move. His breath was heavy. He was hurt from head to feet. Plus, he was too tired. "Okay, I can carry you on my back. "said Tom. "Wait, there is another thing we must do. "said LaLa. "What? "asked Tom. "Put the Deathly Hallows together. They will destroy themselves. " said LaLa. "No, I will keep the branch and the notebook. "said Tom. "Okay, here is the way, you may keep the branch. It's not as dangerous as the others. "said LaLa.

"No way! "shouted Tom. "Do what she tells you to do, or I'll take off your clothes. "said Paul. Tom stopped for a moment and took the note book. He walked to where the diaper lay. He threw the notebook to the diaper. They burned. They came to ashes.

"Okay, we can go home. Carry him to your world and live with him, Tom. We have to go home. "said Dissy. The Teletubbies knocked each others' head and they disappeared. Tom put Leon on his back and swifted his branch. A door appeared and he went in. They disappeared, too. No one saw them again.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chapter XVII

"You are so rediculous. How can you guys kill me? You can't even hurt me. " said Satan. "Yes, but if we can unite, to defeat you is as easy to turn our hands over.," said Dissy, "So, we need your help, Tom. You ought to give us your branch and the notebook. They're important and useful tools. We need it very much. " "Oh, you are so kind, " said Tom, "Should I lend you? Never! " "Enough! You are going to die soon. Don't waste your time to escape or write some posthumous papaers. " said Satan.

"Are you kidding? You are not able to kill me. I can kill you as soon as I write your name on this note book. "said Tom while he was taking out the notebook. "Excuse me, do you have a pencil? " asked Paul. "Damn! I forgot to bring a pencil out! My pen was destory by the falling ceiling. I can't write his name on the notebook. " said Tom angrily. "Let me fix it. "said Dissy. A ray shot from Dissy's antenna and hit the broken pen. The pen was fixed and looked like what it seemed before. "It's miracle! How can you fix it? "said Tom and he tried to draw to see if the pen is completely fixed.

"Never mind. Write his name as quickly as you could. "said LaLa. "No one ever commands me. I will do it. " said Tom. He wrote the word "Satan" on one page. Satan grabbed his chest where the heart is and morned. He lay down and didn't wake up. His face seemed painful and terrible. "Did he die? "asked Ding Ding. "Maybe he did. Leon was poor. His body was control by Satan, and Satan died. He deserves the pain that Satan gets. "said Tom.

Paul cried and went near the body. He touched Leon's face softly. Suddenly, the body woke up. Paul was shocked. "Are you Leon, or? "asked Paul. "You guess. "said the body in a voice which sounds like Satan's. "How can you still alive? "said Tom. "I'm already dead. I'm from the hell. There's no reason that a person can die twice, so I'm unbeatable in the humans' world! "said Satan.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chapter XVI

"Who are you? I've never heard about you. Tell me who you are! "said Tom Riddle. "No one is able to talk to me like this. You must pay. "said the man. "Oh, no. You are Satan, the prince of evil. "said Ding Ding. "Yes. Who tells you that, Jesus or Kansas? "asked Satan. "Kansas told us about you. We're his pets. "answered LaLa. "Kansas always keeps strange animals. "said Satan, "Now, I'm going to kill this impolite man. "

He opened his mouth and many little devils came out. They bit Tom's body. "It hurts. You're driving me crazy. I will kill you. "said Tom. He swifted his branch. An freezing ray shot out from the branch. The devils turned to ice. He swifted the branch again. This time, a lightning shot out from it. It hit Satan's face and smoke went out. Suddenly, a cooly wind blew and the smoke zoomed. The somke was gone, but Satan didn't. He was still standing there.

"You can't kill him. He isn't as weak as you. "said Paul. "Actually, neither him or you can't kill me. The only person can kill me is Jesus. "

"Really? "said Dissy, "Try this. " A light shot from his antenna. It reached Satan and Satan fell. "How can you do this? "said Satan in a shocked voice. "We all have different power. It's my turn. " said Paul and he also shot a light. This time, a shiny ray was shot. It hit the ground around Satan. "You are not accurate. You didn't even touch my skin. " "Well, Paul's power is unessasary to touch your skin. "explained Dissy. The ray made a jail around Satan. Satan can't move, but he still laugh.

"Do you think you have the power to prison me forever? "said Satan. "No, we can't. So it's the time for us to destroy you. "said Dissy.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Chapter XV

"You beast, how dare you kill my best friend! "cried Leon. "A life doesn't cost too much. Kill him is not a big deal. "said Tom Riddle. "You are bloody. Are you a human? "asked Dissy. "If you say so, I do. Either a human or a beast isn't a big effect. I am still myself. "replied Tom Riddle. "I'm going to kill you. You are not allow to exist. "shouted Leon. "If you can, try it. "said Tom in a smile.

Leon wore the diaper on his head. He jumped foward and raised his fist. He swang his arm to beat Tom. Tom also swang the branch. A big bird appeared. The bird flew up and attacked Leon. Leon escaped and swung his arm again. Tom swung his branch twice. Two rays shot at Leon. Leon lowered his body and escaped. The rays hit the bird. It turned the bird into fried chicken. "What a generous meal! "yelled the Teletubbies. They rushed toward the fried chicken and began to eat it. " "Don't play, you guys. Come here and give me a hand. "said Leon, but the Teletubbies didn't mind him.

Tom swung the branch and the ceiling of the theater fell. It hit Leon, but didn't hurt him. He threw himself to Tom Riddle. Tom jumped left so Leon couldn't reach him. That drove Leon crazy. The diaper on his head grew thorns and darkened. "Holy cow! What's that? "cried Tom. Leon's body was all black. He was mad, very mad.

"I already told Jesus don't prison me and my power in the diaper. "said Leon in a strange voice. "Now, I am free. The world will be full of evil! "