Friday, February 15, 2008

Chapter VI

He wore his diaper on his head and he left home. He went to a gymnasium and started to control the power by taking body building. He must control the power or he would break the appliance. In the first day, he broke a lot of things. Then, he flew away because he didn't have enough money to indemnify the things. The gymnasium's owner was very mad, but he couldn't find who destroyed them. A month later, Leon was able to control his power. He was so glad and went back home. "Now, I can save the world, " he thought.

He wore his diaper on his head and flew away. He could see the whole city in the sky. He was so happy that he has the power. Suddenly, he saw a kid was playing on the railway, and the train came. The child ran fast, but he fell.

Leon saw this dangerous situation so he flew down to the railway quickly. The train didn't slow down, but he thought he was able to save the child. His hand touched the kid and pushed the kid away. The child was saved. Unfortunaly, Leon couldn't escape the crash. The train crashed in his back and he bounced on the ground for many times. But this was not the end. He was still on the railway. The train crushed him and went away. Leon was on the ground, but he didn't hurt. His clothes was destroyed but his body was fine.

"It's unbelievable, " he whispered. He stood up. He carefully watch his body. Even his hair didn't hurt. "It's unbelievable, " he whisper again. When he began to walk home, a police stopped him.

"You must come with me because you wear diaper on your head and your body is bareness. It is an act of gross indecency. It's crime, " the police said. When Leon heard this, he was afraid that he would be a criminal. He flew away to escape the police.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Chapter V

"Who said that? " one of the robbers said. "Maybe it is the man who has an ugly diaper on his head. " a robber said. "Go home. This is not the place that you come. " Another robber said, "Get out off our way or I'll kill you." "No. You can't." Leon said. "I'm unbeatable."

"Really?" the robbers said. "Try this." the robbers took out their guns and fired. The bullets touched Leon's skin, but Leon didn't hurt. All of the bullets dropped. "That's amazing!" shouted one of the robbers. "Now is show time. " said Leon. His moves were very fast and caught one of the robbers. He hit his face for about ten times. Then, he caught another robber. He kicked his butt for about a hundred times. Finally, he caught the last robber. He punched him for about a thousand times. He threw all of the robbers together and gone.

A few seconds passed. The robbers were beaten. A moment later, the police came. Leon had disappeared already. He got home. He opened the door of his taxi, but he is too strong. The door flew into the sky. "Ouch!" a voice came from the sky. "I know that is you, Leon. Be careful for your power. It hurts." "Okay, "Leon said. He drove car to a car factory. "Oh, this is the most unbelievable thing I've seen." the engineer said when he saw the car. "If you want to maintian, you must have lots of paitent. It takes two months to fix it. " "Okay, I'll wait. " said Leon. He paid the money and went home. He thought there was a more important thing that he has to do. "Control the power," he thought