Saturday, April 5, 2008

Chapter XII

"Long time ago, there was a powerful wizard called Jessus. "said Potter. "And one day, the wizard world appeared a intelligent wizard. His name is Tom Riddle. He was so clever that he learned most of the magic. But, one day, he became evil. He killed the wizards which he hated. Jessus was mad at him, so he commanded the famous wizard, Albus Dumbledore to fight. Tom riddle knew he won't defeat him with nothing powerful in his hands, so he started to find the Deathly Hallows. "

"What's the Deathly Hallows? "said Leon. "The Deathly Hallows is three things that the Death has. The first is the least powerful thing, the Deathly Wig. It's curly hair. The thing on my head is that. "replied Potter. He pulled the wig and the curly hair fell down. "I see. "said Leon. "The second thing is the Deathly Diaper. The person who wore it would get a lot of strength. Maybe the thing which you wear is it. "Potter said. "Indeed. What's next? "asked Leon. "The last thing is the Deathly Notebook. It's the most powerful thing which ever exsist. If you write a name on it, the person with the name dies. It's the most terrible thing and it is the only one hallow that Tom Riddle got. " said Potter.

"Deathly Notebook?" asked Loen. "I thought I've seen one. But the man who has it says he is the Death. " "Indeed, "said Potter. "After Tom Riddle got it, the real Death has nothing left. He can just retire. That cause Tom Riddle called himself the Death. " "Oh, that's him. I've seen him killed some teenagers. He's so cruel! " said Leon. "Now we need to defend and defeat him. He's us human's biggest enemy. "Potter anounced.

"Yes, let's unite and defend him. "said Leon. "Thank you for your quick answer. "said Potter. Potter hugged him and kissed him. "Are you a gay? "asked Leon. "Maybe yes. "said Potter. They and the four Teletubbies left the cafe and went home.

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