Friday, April 11, 2008

Chapter XIII

"I'm going to search for him. See you tomorrow. "said Potter. "Okay. "said Leon. Potter took out his woden stick and waved it. The wind started to blow. The whole room spinned and spinned. Then, the spinning ended. Everything is absolutely still, except Potter. He was gone but left a piece of paper. "I'll go back to the wizard's world to see if he is there. "Leon read it out loudly. "It's amazing! "cired the Teletubbies. "I think nothing can be more amazing than you four guys with antenna on your heads. "said Leon. The Teletubbies laughed.

Sun had dropped from the sky. The air was dark. Leon and the Teletubbies went to bed. They were sleeping peacefully. Suddenly, a envelope broke the window. Leon woke up. He opened the envelope and saw a letter. And there are five tickets for an oprea. But, he was too tired to read the letter. He went back the bed and slept again.

"Look! Someone invited us to an oprea! "yelled Paul. "Really? Let me see. "said Ding Ding. The noise of four stange guys woke up Leon. "What's up? Your pitch is too high. I can't stand! " shouted Leon. "Sorry, we're just too excited to see an oprea. "said LaLa. "What? An oprea? When? " Leon asked. "Perhaphs it is at six o' clock tonight. "answered Dissy. "But how? " Leon asked again. "By the tickets in the envelope. Didn't you open it before we saw it? "said Dissy. "Yeah, I remember. But who invite us? " asked Leon.

Then came a silence. "Who knows ?" said LaLa. "I think we better forget it. "said Paul. "I agree. "said Ding Ding. "Don't let the strange idea break our excitement. "said Dissy. "Okay, but I don't think it's a good idea that we use a stranger's tickets to see an oprea. "Leon disagreed. "Never mind. Should we arrive at half past five? "asked the Teletubbies. "It might be okay. "said Leon.

The Teletubbies screamed out loudly and prepared. They were ready and waiting for the oprea tonight.

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