Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chapter XVII

"You are so rediculous. How can you guys kill me? You can't even hurt me. " said Satan. "Yes, but if we can unite, to defeat you is as easy to turn our hands over.," said Dissy, "So, we need your help, Tom. You ought to give us your branch and the notebook. They're important and useful tools. We need it very much. " "Oh, you are so kind, " said Tom, "Should I lend you? Never! " "Enough! You are going to die soon. Don't waste your time to escape or write some posthumous papaers. " said Satan.

"Are you kidding? You are not able to kill me. I can kill you as soon as I write your name on this note book. "said Tom while he was taking out the notebook. "Excuse me, do you have a pencil? " asked Paul. "Damn! I forgot to bring a pencil out! My pen was destory by the falling ceiling. I can't write his name on the notebook. " said Tom angrily. "Let me fix it. "said Dissy. A ray shot from Dissy's antenna and hit the broken pen. The pen was fixed and looked like what it seemed before. "It's miracle! How can you fix it? "said Tom and he tried to draw to see if the pen is completely fixed.

"Never mind. Write his name as quickly as you could. "said LaLa. "No one ever commands me. I will do it. " said Tom. He wrote the word "Satan" on one page. Satan grabbed his chest where the heart is and morned. He lay down and didn't wake up. His face seemed painful and terrible. "Did he die? "asked Ding Ding. "Maybe he did. Leon was poor. His body was control by Satan, and Satan died. He deserves the pain that Satan gets. "said Tom.

Paul cried and went near the body. He touched Leon's face softly. Suddenly, the body woke up. Paul was shocked. "Are you Leon, or? "asked Paul. "You guess. "said the body in a voice which sounds like Satan's. "How can you still alive? "said Tom. "I'm already dead. I'm from the hell. There's no reason that a person can die twice, so I'm unbeatable in the humans' world! "said Satan.

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