Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chapter XVI

"Who are you? I've never heard about you. Tell me who you are! "said Tom Riddle. "No one is able to talk to me like this. You must pay. "said the man. "Oh, no. You are Satan, the prince of evil. "said Ding Ding. "Yes. Who tells you that, Jesus or Kansas? "asked Satan. "Kansas told us about you. We're his pets. "answered LaLa. "Kansas always keeps strange animals. "said Satan, "Now, I'm going to kill this impolite man. "

He opened his mouth and many little devils came out. They bit Tom's body. "It hurts. You're driving me crazy. I will kill you. "said Tom. He swifted his branch. An freezing ray shot out from the branch. The devils turned to ice. He swifted the branch again. This time, a lightning shot out from it. It hit Satan's face and smoke went out. Suddenly, a cooly wind blew and the smoke zoomed. The somke was gone, but Satan didn't. He was still standing there.

"You can't kill him. He isn't as weak as you. "said Paul. "Actually, neither him or you can't kill me. The only person can kill me is Jesus. "

"Really? "said Dissy, "Try this. " A light shot from his antenna. It reached Satan and Satan fell. "How can you do this? "said Satan in a shocked voice. "We all have different power. It's my turn. " said Paul and he also shot a light. This time, a shiny ray was shot. It hit the ground around Satan. "You are not accurate. You didn't even touch my skin. " "Well, Paul's power is unessasary to touch your skin. "explained Dissy. The ray made a jail around Satan. Satan can't move, but he still laugh.

"Do you think you have the power to prison me forever? "said Satan. "No, we can't. So it's the time for us to destroy you. "said Dissy.

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