Saturday, May 3, 2008

Chapter XV

"You beast, how dare you kill my best friend! "cried Leon. "A life doesn't cost too much. Kill him is not a big deal. "said Tom Riddle. "You are bloody. Are you a human? "asked Dissy. "If you say so, I do. Either a human or a beast isn't a big effect. I am still myself. "replied Tom Riddle. "I'm going to kill you. You are not allow to exist. "shouted Leon. "If you can, try it. "said Tom in a smile.

Leon wore the diaper on his head. He jumped foward and raised his fist. He swang his arm to beat Tom. Tom also swang the branch. A big bird appeared. The bird flew up and attacked Leon. Leon escaped and swung his arm again. Tom swung his branch twice. Two rays shot at Leon. Leon lowered his body and escaped. The rays hit the bird. It turned the bird into fried chicken. "What a generous meal! "yelled the Teletubbies. They rushed toward the fried chicken and began to eat it. " "Don't play, you guys. Come here and give me a hand. "said Leon, but the Teletubbies didn't mind him.

Tom swung the branch and the ceiling of the theater fell. It hit Leon, but didn't hurt him. He threw himself to Tom Riddle. Tom jumped left so Leon couldn't reach him. That drove Leon crazy. The diaper on his head grew thorns and darkened. "Holy cow! What's that? "cried Tom. Leon's body was all black. He was mad, very mad.

"I already told Jesus don't prison me and my power in the diaper. "said Leon in a strange voice. "Now, I am free. The world will be full of evil! "

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