Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Appearance of Elephant

    Once upon a time, a pig-like, insane, rude, and noisy animal called Meatball lived in a peaceful forest. He enjoyed scolding all the animals with impolite words and then running away. Soon, he became an annoying existence for all the animals in the forest. They decided to throw Meaty out of the forest. Unfortunately, the Meaty one had heard about this before they started, so he quickly hid in a dark cave on the top of the mountain. When the Meatiest was hiding in the cave, a strange sound came out. "Who is there?" Meatball asked, "What bad person is making such a bad sound?" "How dare you! You not only come in my place without asking but greet me with bad words!" a shadow in the cave cried. Suddenly, a big bear rushed out from the cave and gave Meaty a big punch in the face. The Meaty one Flew backward and fell. Meanwhile, the big bear pulled Meatball's nose and it began to lengthen. The bear also pulled Meaty's ears and screamed, "Bad boy! Go away!" Meatball kept running until he couldn't see the forest. When he stopped, he was in Africa, and he was the first elephant in the world.

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