Saturday, December 19, 2009

Meatball Legend

Once upon a time, there were four men in a small village, which was called " ASC-4(Absloutely Smart Class IV) ". The four people in the calss, Mr. E, Mr. P, Mr. W, and Mr. Y, came together and discussed about history and truth. However, Mr. W always said stupid things and made Mr. P angry. Mr. P forced him to pay attention and shut up, so the session could proceed. Unfortunately, the peace didn't last long because Mr. W was more senseless and annoying than could be imagined. First, he started to pretend to be an elephant during the session. Futhermore, he refused to use his original name, though he knew he would get a knuckle sandwich from Mr. P. Soon, the others in the class were so upset about Mr. W, they just started giving him some strange names. Then, someone in the outer village invented a kind of delicious food and named it meatball because it was a ball made of meat. Mr. E quickly realized the similarities between these meatball and Mr. W. He discovered that Mr. W looked exactly like a meatball, so Mr. W was given his new, suitable name : Meatball. When Mr. E gave him this name, Mr. Y had an idea to mix the name of Mr. W and Meatball. As a reasult, Mr. W is named Winnieball now, and perhaps a new kind of food " Winnieball " will appear in the future.

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