Saturday, December 19, 2009


On a Saturday, I saw an old but interesting movie-"Ghost"-which was very impressive to me. The story is about Sam and his girlfriend, Molly. They were happy at first, but then Sam was shot in a robbery. After Sam died, his soul came back. He discovered that no one except other souls could see him, and he couldn't touch them, either. With nothing else to do, he began to search for details about his death. Soon, he found the killer and the killer was going to kill Molly. He quickly communicated with Molly with a psychic named Oddmey. A few days later, he realized that his best friend was the one who directed the whole thing in order to get the password for Sam's bag. In the climax, I don't know what happened because my mother told me go to sleep. The movie was mostly nonsense but fun.

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