Saturday, January 12, 2008

Chapter II

He opened the store's door and started to pick something. "Knife," he said. He found the knife and paid for it. He was glad that he had a knife to suicide.

Then, he returned home and played the knife. He was happy. He saw his face in the knife blade. He thought the reflaction of his face said," you did a good job. It's time to end yourself." After the idea, he started to use the kinfe stabbing himself. He didn't feel any pain. He was bleeding but he was happy. He felt asleep, so he slept.

A moment later, he woke up. He saw a shiny man. "If I didn't forget, you should be Leon," the man said. " Why you can know my name?" Leon asked. "Who are you?" "Me?" the man replied. " I'm Jesus's brother, Kansas. My brother Jesus told me to meet you. He commanded me to give you this." He threw a thing to Leon's face. "What's this?" asked Leon. "It's a super diaper." Kansas said," If you wear this, you can have a lot of power."

"Really?" Leon asked. He wore on the diaper quickly. Nothing happened. "It's no used. You are a liar." cried Leon. Kansas said," no, I didn't lied. It just work in danger, plus you didn't wear it in the right side. You must wear it on your head. Now, you can return to your world. Don't forget,
you are a warrior. You must punish the crime and uphold the justice."

Leon woke up. He was in the hospital. "Was it a dream?" he thought. Suddenly, he saw he was wore on a diaper.

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