Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chapter III

He was so glad. "The god said I was the warrior, and I have a lot of power," he said. He took off the diaper and started to stand up, but he couldn't. He was so weak. His heart was beating slowly. A doctor came in the ward and said," you are weak now. Don't try to stand up. You would die if you move. It's serious." "Why I am so weak?" Leon asked. "I am a healthy person. " "As we found you, you had a deep cut in your arm. Didn't you remember this? Maybe you have tried to suicide," the doctor answered.

Leon began to think. He tried to recall what has happened. "Yes," he cried, "I've tried to suicide. It's so rediculous. Life is good." "Yes," said the doctor, "death is worse than everything. Living is the best thing in your life." And he walked away.

Suddenly, Leon heard a loud scearm. He saw many doctors and nurses ran through the hallway. After them, was a man with a big knife. At that moment, he knew what he should do. He quickly wore on the diaper on his head. Then, he felt his strengh was great. He thought he becomes a super man.

But when he noticed on the man, he swooned. He was in the shiny place again. " Why you are here again?" cried Kansas angrily.

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