Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chapter IV

"Because the diaper is so stinky. I can't stand the smell so I swooned." Leon said. "Really? Let me try it. "Kansas took the diaper in front of his nose. He also couldn't stand the smell and nearly fell down. "Oh, I see. Maybe the last master didn't wash it for a long time. Go back to your world and wash it. "After he was finished, he returned Leon the diaper. Then, Leon woke up. He was still in the hospital. The diaper was on his head.

"Yucky! What a smelly diaper! " he cried. He took it off his head. The doctor came in again. "Leon, you can leave the hospital in two weeks." the doctor said. "That's a good news. Thanks," said Leon.

After two weeks passed, Leon was out of the hospital. The first thing he needed to do is washing the diaper. He sent it to a laundry and washed it. Then he took it and put it on his nose. "It smells good now, " said Leon. On the way home, he saw many robbers were robbing the bank. "It's time for me to save people, " he thought. Then, he went into a phone booth and wore the diaper on his head. He felt lots of power filled his body. He became a superman.

When the robbers took the money and began to drive over, Leon blocked their way. "Put down the money and the guns!" he cried.

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