Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chapter I

Driving the car was Leon's job. Leon started his job as a taxi driver today. He was heavyhearted because he had owed a lot of money. The salary of driving taxi couldn't afford his life. He was a poor backbreaker.

One day, he saw a man. The man seemed so familiar to him. The man came to Leon's taxi and said," can you carry me to the Centrel Park?" After he spoke, Leon knew who was that. The voice was his classmate in the elemtary school. He felt so embrassing so he drove away. Suddenly, he was so sad that he had no money but a bad job.

He drove and drove. He turned on the radio and heard a news. It said," in today morning, an old man called Zack has suicied. He jumped down from the roof. Now the police is finding the man's family. If you know him, please called us. The number is," Leon turn off the radio. He had an idea. "Death," he said. Then, he drove to a store happily.

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Anonymous said...

Good work Young. Keep up the good work. I can see the story of a taxi driver and all his adventures. I'm anxious to see what interesting situation he gets in to.
For next time, you might want to make the chapter a little bit longer with a little bit more detail.