Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chapter VII

He quickly flew home. He flew to the window and climbed in. He was glad to went home because when he returned, he could take off the diaper and be a normal person. But, he could just stay home and do nothing. His car didn't finish maintain and he had no entertainment to take. He flet so boring so he layed on his bed. He felt asleep.....

When he woke up, it was morning. Everything was new. He walked down the street and went into a store. He bought his breakfast and newspapers. When he looked at the front page of the newspaper, he was shocked. The title said, " Hero Or Bawdy Man, " and he read the detail, " Yesterday morning, a man had saved a child. The child said, ' Yesterday when I was playing on the railway, the train was coming. I was scared. I tired to run, but I fell. Then, a strange man who wore a diaper on his head flew to me and pushed me away. He was a hero. " Leon was glad that someone thanked him, and he read more, " But when the police came, the hero had turned into a bawdy man. The police said, " I saw a man who wore a diaper on his head was lying on the railway. When he woke up, he was bareness. It is act of gross indenecy, so I must arrest him. But he quickly flew away. I can only put him on a wanted list. "

When Leon finished reading this, he was more shocked. He hurried to the nearest police station to see if he is on a wanted list. He arrived there soon. He carefully read all the wanted list. He couldn't find his name. Then a police came. He ripped the wanted list and sticked a new one on the wall. Leon saw his name now. He costed ten dollars. He couldn't saved the world anymore. He walked home in sadness. He sat on a chair. Suddenly, he had a good idea. He could just appear at night. That would let nobody see his face or clothes. He thought he was very intelligent.

Soon, the sun disappeared. Leon wore on his diaper and left. He flew into the sky to see what happened down. He saw a bunch of teenagers were fighting by knives. He quickly landed beside them. Suddenly, a man who wore in black came. "What are you going to do? " asked Leon, "Who are you?"

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