Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chapter X

" Don't make my house dirty, "said Leon. "OK. We promise, "said the Teletubbies. They climb the wall and went up to the roof. "Hey, that's dangerous, "cried Leon. "But it's also fun. You can even jump here. "said Paul. Then he jumped. The house shook and the roof fell. "We're sorry. " they said. "If you can't fix this, go out of here! "yelled Leon.

"OK. Let me help you, "said LaLa. She touched her antenna and a ray shot out. The ray hit the roof and it started to fly. It flew above the house and returned where it was. "How can you do that? "said Leon. "LaLa has a special power which can make items fly. We all have different talent of powers, "said Ding Ding. "Oh, I see, "Leon said. "Maybe you can help me. Come in. You can sleep with me. " "Actually, we don't sleep. We just rest, "Dissy said. "But rest and sleep mean the same thing, "said Leon. "Not for us, "said Paul. "OK, how do you rest? "said Leon. "Like this " they all said.

They jumped high and fell down in head. The antenna jabbed into the ground. "Hey, you broke my floor. That cost me five hundred dollars. You must pay, "siad Leon. No one answered. Leon was so mad but could do nothing. He went to bed and slept. A moment later, the Teletubbies were woken. They sang loudly. "Can't you stop singing? "shouted Leon. "OK, we will rest again. " Then, with a loud sound, the house silented. "Damn, "said Leon, "Four more holes in my floor. "

The second day came. Leon woke up first. The Teletubbies were still resting. "You wicked things, wake up! "shouted Leon. "Fix the floor or I'll kill you. " "OK, "said Ding Ding. He touch his antenna and a ray shot out. When the ray hit the floor, it became what it seemed before. "So, let me guess. Ding Ding can make the thing what it was before. " "Indeed, clever Leon. "said LaLa. "Let's leave here and go out to see what will happen today, "said Leon. They went out and noticed everything.

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