Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chapter IX

Leon looked at the cold bodies. The teenagers just lay on the ground. He began to walk away. The situation was so cruel to him. He took off the diaper and returned home. He slept in a minute.

The sun shone in the sky. The second day came. He woke up. He wore his diaper on and did what he used to do. He flew to the air and saw what happened down. Suddenly, he saw four strange people on the grass. Actually, they were not people. They had an antenna on each's head. They had a screen on each's tommy. Their color were purple, green, yellow, and red. Leon was interested in that. He flew down to see what are they.

Leon came near them. They suddenly woke up. Leon was shocked. The four people said, " Hello! We're Teletubbies. Would you want a hug? " The four strangers hug Leon in their arms. The red one said, " I'm Paul. The yellow one is La La, the green one is Dissy, the purple one is Ding Ding. We're friends. " " What do you do? " said Leon. " We're Kansas's pet. He commanded us go to the humans' world and help a person called Leon. "Ding Ding said, " Do you know a person who name Leon? " Ding Ding took out a photo of Leon's face.

"It's me! " Leon replied. "Excuse me, what did you said? "La La asked. "I'm the person who named Leon. Don't you see my face? " "Actually, we could only see a diaper on your head. "Dissy said. "Oh, sorry. how about this? " Leon said this and took off his diaper. The Teletubbies looked at his face and stared at the photo.

"Oh, you're the Leon! " they cried. "Yes, I'm. You've been seeing the photo for an hour. That's so ridiculous. " "Never mind. Do you want a hug? " The Teletubbies hugged him again. "Can I don't carry you home? " Leon asked. "No, you may not. You must live with us. Hug again? " Ding Ding said. "No, thanks. It's enough. "Leon said. "Oh, come on. Don't be shy. "Dissy said. They hugged Leon one more time.

Leon walked home with them and they hugged Leon all the way home.

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