Friday, March 7, 2008

Chapter VIII

"Me? " the man replied, " I'm the death. I'm here for taking their life. Their destiny is going to die. All of them must die here today. " " How can you do this? You can't make someone die without murder them yourself. "Leon said. "It doesn't work on me. " he took out a strange book and wrote the word " Jim " on it. Then, one of the teenager's knife flew into the air and stabbed into the teenager's head.

"Oh my god! " Leon cried when he saw this happened. The teenager fell down and lay on the ground. He didn't wake up anymore. "See, " the death said. "Okay, if you really want to do this, I must stop you. No one would die in this place! " Leon shouted. " Just you? Only one person can save the others? It's so rediculous. Let me see how you rescue them. " " Sure, " Leon rushed in them and threw their weapons away. He also put the teenagers away from the others. The fight was finished. No one was dead except the boy who named Jim.

"You're not able to do this. Destiny is destiny. It will change nomore. " The death wrote down the other name " Bill " on the book. A boy who was put in the garbage can died 'cause the stink. " Don't do it any more, "Leon cried. But the death didn't pay attention to what he'd said. He wrote down " Charlie ", too. A boy in the sewer was eaten by rats and crocoroach. "I told you stop! "Leon yelled angrily. He flew to the death and hit him. The death flew away when Leon came. " I told you the destiny won't change, didn't I? " said the death in a strange smile.

He then wrote down the names " Sam ", " Dennis ", and " David " at the same time. The other alive boys started to run. They ran together and crashed the wall in their head. They all died. "Oh, I miss one. " He wrote down the name " John " at last. The boy picked up a feather and made himself itchy. He died in a loud laugh.

" I gonna kill you this beast. " Leon tried to kick him but couldn't. " It's too bad. There is no your name. You won't die today."

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